Automating Dynamics 365 Playbooks

In the October 2018 (v9.1) release of Dynamics 365, there is new functionality in the Sales App called Playbooks. Have a read of the Microsoft documentation and Jukka Niiranen’s blog post for an understanding of what they can do.

The standard functionality to launch a playbook is to create it from a button on the ribbon. While this is fine in some scenarios, my current project needs to have a defined set of activities assigned to the Opportunity owner when the Opportunity reaches certain stages. So I wanted to automate the creation of the Playbook and it seems you can do this through workflow.

I’m going to assume you have already created a Playbook Template, associated it to a entity, setup your activities and published it. From this point, create a new workflow on the entity you wish to create the Playbook from, in my case thats the Opportunity, as I want to trigger it from the stage changes in the Business Process Flow.

The key to the workflow is to create a Playbook record. The settings that I have used are below. Make sure you set the Regarding field to the current Opportunity and select the Playbook template and Category. Also, so the activities get created with the Regarding field set to the Opportunity, ensure you set Track Progress to No (there is an explanation of this in Jukka’s post).

Create Playbook Record

My workflow for this purpose is pretty simple, as I just want to create the Playbook. So I can use it in the BPF, I have it set to run on demand. If you wanted to use another trigger to create your playbook you could use other workflow start settings.

Opportunity-Develop Playbook Workflow

Once you have activated your workflow, edit the BPF to add this workflow to run on the stage change. I used Stage Entry to the Develop Stage (in the OOTB Lead to Opportunity Sales Process).

Lead to Opp BPF with Workflow.jpg

Once the BPF changes have been validated and activated, its time to test this out. For my example, I need to create and qualify a Lead, which will result in my Playbook Template activities being created on the qualified Opportunity.

Opportunity with Playbook Activities.jpg

I think this is a great outcome. I was expecting this functionality to be built in to the Playbook Template itself, but at least there is an easy enough workaround using Workflow.


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